Friday, July 25

Qantas has never crashed. Still.

I have only flown twice. One bit of trivia I've always remembered is that
Qantas Airlines has never had a plane crash.

A video taken by a passenger of their close call is on most news sites.

From Fox News
QF Flight 30 from London to Melbourne had left Hong Kong airport after a stopover at 9 a.m. local time when a loud explosion ripped through the plane's underside.

Some of the 346 terrified passengers onboard the flight last night told of how debris — including bits of wood — flew through the first-class cabin and oxygen masks dropped down.

Experts said the hole, measuring about 2mx4m, could have been caused by metal fatigue, an internal explosion or a combination of both.

Any breach of an aircraft's skin above 10,000 feet can lead to a loud explosion, de-pressurization and an immediate loss of cabin pressure.

The plane — under the command of Captain John Bartels — was travelling at 29,000 feet when it lost pressure and descended 20,000 feet before making an emergency landing at Manila airport.

Close call. Whew.

I thought I'd add the mention of this from the movie Rainman.

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