Wednesday, September 3

Renaissance Art.

Over Labor Day weekend, Aimers, Steph and I went to the Renaissance Faire in Bristol Wisconsin.

I've been going for years but still bring my camera along.

The site is really large and they are always adding new things.

You never know what you will run across.

My favorite pictures of the day were taken more by luck than anything else.

Just walking along, we found these painted ladies posing on the balcony.

I had never seen them before at the Faire.

Being in a hurry to see a particular show, we didn't stay very long but I did snap off a few pictures.

The one below, cropped, to me, looks like a painting.

As a painting.

This is it uncropped. I crossed a little street, looked up and saw them.

Now I wish I had stayed and taken more pictures.

Painting look, uncropped.

A few seconds later, a door opens and the moment is lost. Looks less like art now.

Painted girls.

More girls on the balconies.

I remember in the early days of coming here seeing a couple of the princesses sharing a renaissance smoke in one of the towers. Never forgot that. Ha. Wished they would have asked me to join them back then.

More girls.

Amy and Steph:

Amy, Steph.

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