Wednesday, August 27

First Snow (2006)

Jimmy Starks is a stringy long haired salesman (Guy Pearce - Memento) whom at first comes off as somewhat unlikeable, fast talking, and self-centered.

On the road near Albuquerque, his car breaks down. Stranded in the middle of nowhere while his car is being repaired, he visits the trailer of fortune teller (J. K. Simmons - I remember him as the dad in Juno).

The fortune-teller makes a couple predictions (which later in the movie come true, giving him some credence as a psychic). Continuing to tell Jimmy's fortune, he then sees something bad that almost causes himself to have a seizure.

The future for Jimmy doesn't look good. - hence the title of the movie. (Let just say his demise is connected to an occurance of weather as in the title.)

Guy does a good job playing a character with that prediction over his head along with other stressful issues in his life. I liked him more and more as the movie progressed. William Fichtner (Prison Break) has a small part as a co-worker.

Nicely cast as his girl friend is the pleasing but not distractingly pretty, Piper Perabo. I knew I had seen her before but she wasn't familiar enough for me to make a connection. (By the way, she starred in Coyote Ugly.) I liked her in that movie too.


Entertainment Weeky's review here: (Owen Glieberman). EW does a good job with movies. I like to read their upcoming movie reviews and make mental notes of what to keep an eye out for.

I caught this on cable.

The ending wasn't entirely satisfying or unpredicted but overall I liked the characters and plot. I'm glad I watched it.

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