Thursday, January 22

Holding on to the Earth.

The Indescribable Wow (1988) is the fifth (studio) album from American singer-songwriter Sam Phillips.

Holding on to the Earth is a single from it, co-written by her and T-Bone Burnett.

It always reminds me of Earth Day (from the Holding on to the Earth.. part of the lyrics). This song was part of a local radio promotion and of course driven into my head. I like it though so no matter.

Sam was married to T-Bone Burnett, made her screen debut in Die Hard with a Vengeance, and wrote music for and scored the TV show The Gilmore Girls.

She last released an album in mid-2008 named Don't do Anything.

If I close my eyes
I'm afraid I won't wake up
If I stop and listen
I'm afraid I'll hear too much

Trying to hold on to the earth
Holding on for what it's worth

I've got a long black cadillac
marble hot tub in the back
Champagne waterfall
solid gold question mark twenty feet tall

Try to paint a world of shapes
Over the holes as we're falling
The tightened grip is our mistake
As we're trying to hold on to the earth

Looking for his name
wet on brave lips carved on road
Look for flame and mercy
Hope that tired hands can hold

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