Wednesday, January 28


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B.B. King and Etta James. Etta is played by Beyonce in the new movie Cadillac Records. I'd be quite happy with the casting if I were Etta.

B.B. was great (and ageless 15 years ago) after the show signing autographs, I didn't have a pen.

Allman Brothers. Saw them all the time in the Chicago area at different venues. Always brought their kids.

Rolling Stones. Saw them more than the Allman Brothers. Can't match the electricity in the air they generate. First ticket to a concert of theirs, 8.50.

Jethro Tull. Saw them (Ian Anderson and company) at NIU. Love the flute and his playing while standing on one leg.

Wings. Bought a t-shirt in the parking lot. 10 bucks. It lasted about 10 years. Wish I had saved it.

Fleetwood Mac. Alpine Valley Wisconsin. Smuggled in wine flask. Guy in the tree on the lawn pee'd from his tree. We laughed.

Grateful Dead. Remember seeing a distant cousin of mine outside the venue looking for a ticket. Small world (this was in Chicago). He got in.

Led Zeppelin. Floor seats. One of their first "laser light" concerts. Saw bloody fight on the way out. Everyone lived.

Bob Dylan. He started out singing accoustic while sitting on a stool. Different but good. Hey, he was Bob Dylan.

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