Wednesday, January 21

The Lodger (2009).

The Lodger is a story by Marie Belloc Lowndes.

It was written in 1912.

(Link to text of it HERE at Project Gutenberg)

Based on the Jack the Ripper murders, it is about a London family who suspects that their upstairs lodger is a mysterious killer known as "The Avenger."

The novel was the basis for four movie adaptions.

It was made into a movie by Alfred Hitchcock in 1927, by Maurice Elvey in 1932, John Brahm in 1944, and as Man in the Attic in 1953.

The original movie, The Lodger, is a 1927 thriller directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

Another adaptation is coming out shortly. I'm not sure how it will stack up to Hitchcock's version but I'm looking forward to it. The Lodger is scheduled for limited release 01-23-09. With little promotion, the film will probably have a short run and I'll see it when the DVD comes out. I think I'll like it.

From Rotten Tomatoes: The Lodger


Hope Davis plays a woman who takes on a mysterious lodger (Simon Baker),... The tale that inspired Alfred Hitchcock's THE LODGER gets a modern sheen in this thriller that features a star-filled cast. Hope Davis plays a woman who takes on a mysterious lodger (Simon Baker), even as a serial killer is turning West Hollywood into a graveyard. But the murders aren't simple slices and dices; the killer is recreating the work of history's most famous killer: Jack the Ripper. Shane West and Alfred Molina also star as detectives investigating the string of gruesome crimes.


Director: David Ondaatje
Writer: David Ondaatje

The cast: Alfred Molina, Hope Davis, Simon Baker, Shane West, Rachael Leigh Cook, Donal Logue, Rebecca Pidgeon, Philip Baker Hall

The cast (as I know them): Alfred Molina (Doc Oct, Spiderman 2),

Hope Davis (wife to Nicolas Cage in The Weatherman),

Simon Baker (The Mentalist - new tv show),

Donal Logue (dad in Grounded for Life),

Rebecca Pidgeon (The Spanish Prisoner - wife of David Mamet),

Philip Baker Hall (Zodiac, Hard Eight - just saw this, not a bad movie).

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