Tuesday, January 16


My blurry pet picture was starting to hurt my eyes. Here's something more in focus. Hoarfrost.
By the way, it's way too cold for my taste.
Under 20 F. which is also about C -5 ??? Am I a cold wimp?


olivia said...

well, it's going down to -29C/-20F w/ windchill tonight here ... LOL ... but it's all relative right?

Love that photo!

And it's good to see you again ... :)

Toccata said...

Here on the west coast we think you are suffereing terribly. Anything below 2C is damn cold as far as I'm concerned. Hard to believe I grew up on the prariries!

That picture is gorgeous. The hoarfrost is really spectacular.

Oh hey, do you recommend the album, The Tinman is a Dreamer?

I saw you asking someone about The Decemberist's album, The Crane Wife. I would certainly recommend it.

busterp said...

Olivia: It's relative I guess but -20 F to me is cold anywhere. Ha. Stay warm.

Toccata: Thanks on Decemberist. I'll probably get. Tin Man? Nicky was an awesome piano player and had a storied career.
I like a couple songs on it but rarely play it. To me it's one of those more obscure albums that's just cool to own and be familiar with. I really like that song I sent you though. Check out Ebay. I do that when I run across something I don't have but might want. I just got Sweet Relief because of Mellowlee's blog a month or two ago. About 5.50 with shipping.