Thursday, January 4


I didn't have a working lens good enough to catch a better picture of the moon. This was the best I could do.

Lit up is my after work play area for Cubbie. I hit him softballs every night for about a half hour. Except when there is alot of snow. Obviously not now.

I have a portable light in the lawn chair. The garage is on the right with my radio playing . The table in front of the tree holds a drink and a flashlight for errant balls. Squirrel feeder doubles as an ashtray and a dog slobber rag holder. Aluminum bats lean on the tree year round. The clothesline pole is on the left and of course the moon is the moon.

Stupid thing I did getting ready to take this: I walked two steps forward to get a closer view of the moon. (like that matters. ha) Then I thought about and laughed. It's like a quarter of a million miles away? What was I thinking?

Neville Brothers:

Kiko and the lavender moon out playing

Makes believe nobody can see

And then he waits

And then he fakes

And then he bends

And then he shakes

He plays and plays

Still playing till he

Goes off to sleep

Kiko and the lavender moon

Out dancing making faces at

A big black cat and then he flies

Up to the wall

Stands on one foot

Doesn't even fall

Dance and dance

Still dancing till

He goes off to sleep

He always sleeps

'Til the sun goes down

He never wakes

Till no one's around

He never stops

Can't catch his breath

It's always there

Scares him to death

Kiko and the lavender moon

Out dreaming 'bout green shoes

Haircuts and cake

And then he wishes

The world away

And then he kneels

As if to pray

He dreams and dreams

Kiko and the lavender moon


Toccata said...

I like how the theme from Three Blind Mice keeps creeping back into the song. I have Aaron Neville'e newest CD and I absolutely love his voice and a couple of the tracks but some of the songs are destroyed by instrumentation.

That's quite the little set up you have there in your back yard. What kind of camera do you use? I'm just impressed that you can actually get the moon to look like the moon.

p.s. The Neville brothers finished so I'm relistening to Hallelujah. That song really is incredible.

busterp said...

Hi. Love this song. And talk about getting songs stuck in your head? Most of the L.C.'s were in there for awhile, one at a time.

Deb said...

A nice little place for after work dog time...I love the moon reference.