Wednesday, May 30

15 Second video and Red blues.

Being a gardener is never ending. Once I get everything growing I have then committed myself to about a half hour a night watering after work. Real smart. Ha.

Following this is a bar clip of Geneva Red of The Original Delta Fireballs. Six foot of red haired harmonica playing woman doing the blues. Local artist. Made her High School's wall of fame.

Clint and I saw them in February for the first time about 4 blocks from home at the local bar. We had a front row table. Jackie 5 and 10 (Woolworth is his name) came up to me and introduced himself. Cool. He knew my sister and I guess remembered me from some of the parties we had thrown just down the street (Prairie Ave - ha). My mom still lives there. I remembered him after a little reminiscing. Something about pulling some beverages up the side of our house with a rope for a party. Small world. Things were different then. Or not.

Geneva Red puts on a great show. (Geneva being the name of nearby town.) Her version of Boz Scaggs Loan Me a Dime (not the original version but this link gives you an idea of the song - fantastic guitar - Gregg Allman) made the whole night worthwhile.

By the way, this wasn't the bar we saw them in but it could have been. People walking in and out, cars going by. Reminds me of Storefront Hitchcock. An excellent Jonathan Demme music video film


Geneva Red:

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Johnny Yen said...

I've heard the Boz Scaggs version-- it is great. Duane Allman was an in-demand session guy before the Allman Brothers broke big.

Very good that you're getting out and supporting local music.