Thursday, May 31

Murphy and more.

Thanks for the idea Deb. Ha.

Clint's new puppy Murphy.

Bad picture - I didn't want to wake him with the flash. Mix of black lab and ?? bulldog, maybe? A cutie.

Cubbie watching Rama. Whom is watching for young birds to take a tumble from a nearby tree.

Bob (the cat) watching our other flank. There have been coyote sighting lately. He's got to be careful.

So simple: I hang tray from one nail (one on each side of the pillar of course). Tray hangs crooked all year dropping potting soil when it get splashed.

Young unfettered mind: Clint hung the other tray on the other pillar. Two nails on each side. One in the bend - to the left. One above the hook. Hangs straight. (By the way, the two marks in the hook are old nail holes I made from last year.) Ha.

Mother's Day Flower. What a disaster. I took it back, got credit for another and got to keep the remains. Never throw anything out. I'll plant the good part somewhere.

New replacement. Someone help me out with the name. Starts with "N"?

I really like these but every year I forget they exist. I buy all the flowers I need earlier so by the time these bloomed and were ready for sale, I didn't need / or have any room for them.

Same this year. These are going to Mumsy.

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