Tuesday, June 19

Living in the country.

The Fourth Annual Hebron Fest.

Amy, Steph, Matt, and I were walking over to Main Street to watch the parade. I had a beverage in one hand (which I was trying to finish), the camera in my other (turned off), when I heard the sound of planes overhead.

I just barely caught them as they flew over. I didn't even realize there were four of them until I saw the picture. Anyway, it's officially started.

From Hebron Fest

Amy, Vonnie, Holly, Alex, Leah, Mark, Steph, and Matt waiting. Doesn't look like much of a parade yet. It's hot and humid by the way.

Amy watches the beginning of the parade.

My Aunt Ethel is the Grand Marshall. You can hardly see her - just her hat. Ninety three I believe. She lives two houses over from me and still gets around mostly by herself.

Now it is starting to look like a parade. Firetrucks.

The Jesse White Tumblers doing their thing. I only caught them moving the mats. They are well known in this area (from Chicago) and perform at many sporting events. Urban, Rural. Rural, Urban.

I noticed this looking at the pictures: where did all the people suddenly come from? It was only minutes later.

Gotta have tractors,

trains, (parts of Planes, Trains and Automobiles were filmed about 15 miles away)

and floats,

and more tractors. All Sunday afternoon was tractor and truck pulls.

I didn't ask, so no names. Think Meadowlands.

Kenny, next door neighbor. Clint detailed his truck. He (Clint) is trying to start up a detailing business.

Miss Milk Day. Different festival, different town but local. We have people in their parade too. I had to march in it with the band when I was in high school.

My niece, Leah, helped paint this mural. The basketball our water tower. We won state back in the 50's. Hebron High School is still the smallest in Illinois to win a state basketball tournament before they went to different size classes.

I waited for him to get close so I could take a picture of the fire blasting out of the jet engine. He killed it. No fire.

Markie works for radio station sponsoring the concert. Iron Butterfly and Canned Heat. I hear it's "going up in the country".

John Cougar Mellencamp, Small Town.


mellowlee said...

Cool, it's almost like being there with ya! :O) The videos were nifty to watch!

Deb said...
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Deb said...

sorry...I realized my comment made little to no sense.

What I was trying to say:

Looks like a great day. I miss the days of old when our parades were like that...now it's out of control and so impersonal here. Mobs of people all jarring for "position". But not too long ago our little community parade was a real treat, NOT a big headache like it is now!

I love John Mellencamp...Little Pink Houses is my favorite.

olivia said...

LOL, what a fun post! As mellowlee above said, it was like being on the side there w/ you watching.

busterp said...

Thanks everyone. I think we all could have had great time watching. Good old small town America.