Sunday, June 10

Tony, Weeds, Poppys.

Just curious: was I the only person with HBO that didn't watch the season/ show finale of The Sopranos last night?

I added HBO and hi-speed internet to our cable package last November because it was on special. I never saw one show of the past five seasons because of not having HBO. If I ever do watch The Sopranos, I would want to start from the beginning with either reruns or DVD's.

In fact, I'm doing that with HBO's The Wire. I'm about half-way thru season two. That is a fantastic show. Very realistic (I think?) - I'm more rural. We don't get the big city crime out here. (Irony: we are about 20 miles from Delavan, Wisconsin where 6 people were found murdered this last weekend.)

The only premium channel we had was Showtime with its excellent Weeds and Dexter - a pot selling soccer mom and a police forensic analyst serial killer. A little dark but much better than shows I've gotten sick of: Desperate Housewives, Gray's Anatomy , etc.

Below is my veggie garden. Peonys and some buttercups are blooming next to the little white fence. Its harder than hell to get the fence straight so I purposely put it in crooked to give it a whimsical look.

This wouldn't be a bad place to bury a body either, right Tony?

Buttercups with aperture mode setting. This was easy with my old film camera. I am just learning with digital. The focus seems to jump out of manual mode. Its probably something I'm doing.

Wider view of the back yard. Its a little dark but it was taken at dusk. I just like the look after mowing.

The wildflower sand box below. The poppys hopefully are starting to take off. (and I was wondering how I could tie in The Sopranos and Weeds with garden pictures.) Poppys. They just sound illegal.

Below is a peony taken in macro mode.


mellowlee said...

I don't have HBO, or any other movie channel, so I didn't get to watch it. I usually like to buy the dvd set of any shows I want to watch. Sit there and have a marthon til my eyes fall outta my head *G*

olivia said...

I don't watch it either. There, that's three of us ... ;)

Love your whimsical fence ... it's perfect!