Thursday, July 12

English themed roadtrip.

This is a narrow little country road about two miles out of town. Notice the red triangle with a "Yield" on the railroad crossing sign (what other option do you have with a train?).

My neighbor told me a nearby roadside garden vendor was clearing out the last of their annuals. He gave me the impression they were free for the taking. I had a few holes to fill around the yard. Sounded great to me. After talking a bit more, I found out they were priced using the "Honor System".

What do you think about when you hear the word Honor? Obviously for neighbor Kenny, pay what you want, if anything.

I immediately thought of Honor Blackman. Cathy Gale from the British TV series, The Avengers. I love British TV.

Honor left to play Pussy Galore in the James Bond movie Goldfinger and was replaced by Diana Rigg as Emma Peel. It turned out to be a good career move for both of them. They are both still active.

This part of the road is about a mile from the farm I grew up on. I used to ride my bike on this road. Ahead on the left is a house where a young kid got his head blown off while playing with a shotgun. I was always scared to ride by the house. Haunted.

Below I took a 15 second video, panning the road and field. It's too windy, bad sound quality, but I like hearing the sound of my voice. Always experimenting; tip # 1 - don't do video on a windy day.

On the left side of the road was this straw field. It was really bright out and made for good colors. This made me think of that minor classic, Straw Dogs by Sam Peckinpah. Set in rural England, it starred a young Dustin Hoffman and a very cute Susan George. I liked it; it's worth a view.

This looking the other direction from the road. That is our old farm way back over the soybean field.

What did I buy when I got to the roadside stand? Begonias, of course (really, I needed some shade lovers). This time of year you can't keep anything looking decent in the direct sun. And I paid pretty much the correct price. I discounted a little bit because of their condition (they were not "spring pristeen").

Back at home. These cleome fool Clint and I just about every year. Starting out, they look like pot plants. I actually quit my illegal paper burning in the barrel behind the garage. Don't draw attention to yourself. Then they get a little bigger, grow thorns and I know they are flowers.

The leaves look like pot to me.

My illegal burn barrel. Have to take it easy anyway for the morning glory.

Backyard garden. All the sunflowers came back on their own.

In keeping with my occasional English references, a must see show for me is on PBS; Rose Mary and Thyme. (I case you are wondering Mike, Wednesdays.)

It is a British TV series - two women are gardeners who also solve crimes. It isn't Masterpiece Theater but it is an enjoyable little show.

My only complaint with the sunflowers is they bloom too early. Or don't bloom long enough.

Experimenting with no flash. The morning glories are starting to climb the garage.

Ending with two Lilys. Both are favorites. One is English. (Any excuse to get Lily in a post.)


olivia said...

Wonderful post today busterp! I love seeing your world ... it's a lovely one too. I really like that hayfield photo ... the lines vs the haybale circles.

For whatever reason, the youtube vids aren't showing up so I'll have to come back to see those.

Your flowers look like they're all growing really well ... and I agree w/ you on the look of those Cleome leaves ... lol ... being a citizen of Toker Nation and all ... ;-)

Deb said...

I agree with Olivia...what a wonderful world comes to mind. Funny, the road reminds me of what Richmond used to look like before development went crazy here.

Olivia...they don't show up for me either but if you click in the blank spot you can get them to play.

Toccata said...

Darn, blogger ate my half finished comment so I`ll try this again.

Cannot possibly choose between the burning barrel with the morning glory and the straw picture. The burning barrel for the odd subject matter. Very artsy Busterp. And the straw picture for the colours and also the angle. I would never have thought of snapping it from that point of view.

busterp said...

Hi Olivia. Ha. Congrats. I have a friend that lives in Seattle. He is partial to BC blend.

Deb. Small world for town names. About 7 miles to the east is the town of Richmond. (10 miles from Hebron) In my youth all towns were about 10 miles apart - must have been a day horse trip? (kidding - I'm not that old) There might be some truth in that idea though. Anyway, Richmond.

Toccata. Don't you hate that? ... Burning barrel is my ongoing project - just like my morning glories growing up the bird feeder pole last year. Only problem is I can't burn too big a fire. Ha. I like the straw because it was so sunny and golden looking when I took it.