Sunday, July 1

I read it in the paper. Of course it's true.

Here: This explains my last post. Just bad math. Clip from the article below:

Clarity check: Rest easy, 1 of 4 Americans aren’t HIV-positive.

A headline we wrote over a story that was published Wednesday might have led you to think that was the case.

After reading the story, that headline also might have lead you to think that we had bumped our heads on something hard.

In fact, neither was the case.

However, a headline that should have been worded “An estimated 25 percent of Americans with HIV are not aware that they are infected,” instead was cast in such a way that suggested one-quarter of the U.S. population was HIV-positive.

We corrected the headline in Thursday’s print edition, but I still was receiving calls about it as recently as Friday.

We’re sorry that we weren’t as precise as we should have been.

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