Tuesday, July 17

Monday Night Pictures.

Liatris spicata. If you knew great. I didn't. Actually they are tall stalks of purple flowers about two to four feet tall. I took a picture looking down at a short one.

Phlox from the garden. Purple, white, and red flowers seem to be flourishing this year. Except for the sunflowers, all my yellow flowers are taking a beating. It seems cyclical. Some years it is the opposite.

I'm still trying to get the aperture mode right. On my old camera it was set the F-stop, focus and click. This one keeps trying to autofocus / adjust settings on it's own. Even with auto turned off (I think). Anyway, I want to give the impression of tons of them growing together. I'm impressed they all have come back from seed the last couple years.

Cubbie follows me around all over the yard and garden, and who do I take a picture of instead? Bob (the cat). He didn't even notice me.


Deb said...

I really love these shots and was in a bit of flower withdrawal with tc's absence...good job.

Aw, poor Cubby...will he get his moment in the spotlight? Isn't that the way though, the dog runs around going "look at me, look at me" and the cat couldn't care less?

Toccata said...

Cat`s do certainly have a way with showing their disdain. By the way how`s the new pup settling in?

It was odd reading Deb`s comment because I soon as I clicked on your site I went, "Aw, I miss flowers and photos on my blog!"

busterp said...

Hey Deb, I'll have do Cubbie pretty soon. His eyes look sad sometimes.

Toccata, I guess the pup is OK. Seems Clint is staying more at his girlfriends' house than mine lately. At least my fridge is staying stocked.

olivia said...

Very pretty!!!