Tuesday, February 12

Dog days of winter.

Breaking news: Uno, the Beagle, wins Westminster Dog Show!
My post on dogs was just by chance - anyway, way to go Uno. We used to have a beagle when I was a kid: Taffy Ann. Hearing Uno on TV, he sure has the Beagle woof (or whatever noise that is).

Amy with Cubbie at the yearly local car show.

It was right down the street at the High School. Taken in 2003, Cubbie in dog years is now older than Amy.

I'm just waiting for it to get warm. It's been too cold to play with Cubbie outside, so instead I'll post a couple 15 second videos I took with my camera.

Usually I hit him softballs for about a half hour after work. When he was younger, I couldn't miss a day with him or else he would be bursting with unspent energy. Being a little older, he just shrugs if we don't go out.

Below is a picture of Cubbie strolling thru the yard.

In the background: phlox, sunflowers, dahlias, and cornfield.

If I hit the softball hard enough, it would land a couple rows deep into the corn.

Cubbie loves running through the corn - he always finds the ball too.

(Note: I am much farther back when I hit the softballs. I'm guessing 200 feet. He really gets exercise during our workouts.)

My camera gives you 15 seconds of high quality video or however long you want with medium. I do the high because 15 seconds is long enough.

I used to have Magnavox VHS movie camera - you could take up to two hours of video. Kinda like a Robert Altman movie with no editors. In my case, shorter is better.

Both videos are us playing in the large with snow - one with my "homeless" burn barrel blazing and one by the house (too much snow that day).

If you notice, at the end, he runs through my legs, turns around, pokes his head through the other way and gives me the ball. He learned that on his own.

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Toccata said...

Gosh that Cubbie really is one gorgeous dog. I love his trick of handing you the ball through your legs.