Thursday, February 7

Snow day.

Today's a snow day. We are, as I type, getting over a foot of snow. It was so bad Clint picked me up at work with his Jeep - it was too bad to drive my car home. Why do the kids always have the better cars?

I took these after getting home before it got too dark. It didn't start out too well; I took Cubbie out to run around while I was taking pictures.

I was walking through the snow with my camera dangling when he ran by me, his head catching the camera strap, pulling it out of my hands. He had a new collar with my camera dragging in the snow. I got it back, dried it out and took these. I was snowing so bad I had a hard time even seeing. Anyway...

This catches the fresh snow on my picnic table, a rusty clothes line pole along with a bush in the middle, and the American flag in the back. (My 92 year old aunt lives in the house on the right and that is her super tall pine tree - there was no angle that would have kept them out of the picture, so they stayed.)

Green pine needles on branches, trees in the middle, and trees far back. The wind was blowing so bad I got hit in the face with a branch. I would have liked to get more of the dog tracks at the foot of the closest tree but couldn't see thru the viewfinder. Snap, shoot, and head home. Ha.

Labs like snow as well as water. I'm standing in my garden looking west. Cubbie, mid trees, far house and garage with blizzard conditions (look at it blowing off the garage roof). On the right by the tree is the picnic table in the first picture.

Recropped below:

This would be my favorite though I obviously didn't take it today. Reds near and medium (and Cubbie), tree and softball bats far. So warm looking. Reds do that.


Toccata said...

That is some snow you got there. We haven't had any this year. Not that I want to return to the 7 months of snow of the prairies but I could certainly use a snow day here.

busterp said...

More predicted. What's up? Hope you have a nice weekend.