Monday, February 25

Missed you.

One thing I noticed after watching the Oscar's "in memorium montage" was that Brad Renfro wasn't included in it. I thought he should have been.

Mentioning that, I also think Lois Nettleton should have been included. I have always liked her work in the many televison shows I've seen her in. The Midnight Sun on the Twilight Zone was a classic episode she was remembered for. I think I saw the original but then again it could have been on one of Sci-Fi's Twilight Zone holiday marathons.

One thing I was drawn to was her lazy eye. It gave her a compassionate, not perfect look that made her a favorite of mine.

Interesting fact: She was married 6 years to Jean Shepherd (co)-writer of the movie, "you'll shoot your eye out...",A Christmas Story. How ironic is that? (think eye)

She did much more television, Twilight Zone, The Fugitive, etc., than movies but did she have The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas , Dirty Dingus MacGee, and Soggy Bottom USA on her resume.

I don't remember seeing them but I might have. One had Burt Reynolds and Dolly Parton in it and another Don Johnson. If I did see them, they weren't memorable.

Anyway, I still think both of these actors should have gotten a mention.

Rolling Stones, Miss(ed) You...

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Deb said...

I can't believe I missed the Oscars!

I turned them on with about 2 minutes to go.

Oh well, we'll be hearing about them for a month.

My ex had a lazy eye that really gave away when he was drinking!