Tuesday, December 23

Indian giver.

We draw names for Christmas. I got Bruce, my brother.

He has eclectic tastes which does him well with his hobbies; buying and selling on Ebay and spending weekends exploring for treasures (and junk) at garage sales and auctions.

Since he spends alot of time on the computer, I though this would be perfect.

A USB connection Toaster. LINK HERE

The more I look at it, the more I think I'll keep it for myself. I think I'll just give him a gift certificate instead.

If you are interested, here is the blurb from the online ad:

Don’t be tethered to the kitchen. Take your toast…to go! Now you can take a toaster everywhere you take your laptop. Insert a slice of any bread—white, wheat, even rye—and in 7-9 minutes, you have the kind of perfect toast you could only get from a computer. Winner of the 2006 Gold Floppy Disc Award for Best Cooking Peripheral. No. It's not real. But the box is.
No, the products aren't real. But the empty boxes are. Wrap your otherwise forgettable gift in an Onion gift box, and watch their faces fall when they realize there is no such thing as a USB-powered travel toaster—just a crappy bric-a-brac inside you waited until the last moment to buy.
Box dimensions: 12"x9"x4"
Sold individually or in multi-box sets. More designs available. See all boxes.


olivia said...

Merry Christmas busterp! Hope you had a wonderful day!

busterp said...

Thanks Olivia. I hope you had a nice one too. Happy New Year also.

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