Tuesday, December 30

Made to Measure.

Umphrey's McGee
is an American progressive rock / jam band from Chicago, Illinois.

They have a sense of humor: they called their 1997 debut release Greatest Hits Vol. 3.

Musical influences include The Beatles, Led Zeppelin (both primary), and also Yes, Genesis, King Crimson, Miles Davis.

(I can hear alot of the Beatles in this song - MADE TO MEASURE.)

Free download HERE (from their upcoming album, Mantis).


Deb said...

Oh yes, most definitely a Beatles influence there. I really liked it....I love it when you introduce "new" music to us here. Many thanks. And happy, happy new year to you.

(PS - love the toaster thingee. I actually thought it was real for a minute there. Nothing surprises me these days.)

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