Wednesday, April 8

Close Range.

You have to watch the video for this to make sense.

Your Walls Just Got Bloodier Poster Size: 28"x36"

For a limited-time only, you can own the incredible and breath-taking official wall poster from the hot, new video game, Close Range, featured on the Onion News Network.

A video game like Close Range only comes around once, maybe twice, in a lifetime.

And a poster like this comes around even less.

Watch the Close Range video featured on the Onion News Network.

Hot New Video Game Consists Solely Of Shooting People Point-Blank In The Face

1 comment:

Mike Todd said...

Dude, that's really weird. I was just playing Close Range before I came here. They actually created the freaking game:

The Onion is genius. Great game, btw. I'm hooked.