Wednesday, April 8


Spring is in the air. And many birds now and then...

I do remember the song from Amelie (uplifting movie, worth catching up with).

The video is a great composition.

powerlinerflyers from wes johnson on Vimeo.

All the following from SLATE:

powerlinerflyers from wes johnson on Vimeo. technology YouTube for Artistes.

The Web video site Vimeo goes after an audience tired of the poorly lit basement aesthetic.

By Farhad Manjoo Posted Tuesday, April 7, 2009, at 5:54 PM ET

My nomination for the most mesmerizing minute and 34 seconds of video on the Web is nothing more than a meditation on a stretch of power lines as thousands of birds come and go at sunset.

What the clip lacks in plot, it makes up for with fantastic production.

Wes Johnson, a photographer in Mesa, Ariz., who created the piece, shot the scene with a high-definition camera that allows you ! make out individual birds as they come and go on the swaying lines. Jo hnson sets the video to Yann Tiersen's "L'autre Valse d'Amélie," from the Amelie soundtrack, laid down with startling synchronicity to the images.

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