Wednesday, April 15

Leonardo da Vinci.

Happy Birthday Leonardo...

From The Mona Lisa's Sister album (and what a classic it is)

Graham Parker on David Letterman, Latenight: Get Started, Start a Fire,

The Mona Lisa's sister doesn't smile
She tried to pose but only for a while
Leonardo sent her home Since then she has lived alone
With her few belongings and a copy Of a painting of herself unhappy
She is going to burn it when she's ready

Get started, start a fire (4 times)

Marilyn was lying all alone With an empty bottle by the phone
Kennedy was not around She was cold when she was found
But she'd gone where goddesses are sleeping
Where the molten tongues of flame are leaping
Or where the angel's hearts are heating

Joan of Arc was burning at the stake Somebody had made a big mistake
She had lit a cigarette In an aiport where you get
Your fingers taken off for smoking.
Meanwhile up the road a factory's choking
The ones who killed her work there I'm not joking

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