Friday, April 24

A Green Horizon.

I needed a picture for a "Horizons" theme.

I took this picture April 22nd a couple of years ago.

(How ironic. The same day as EARTH DAY!)

This scene was begging to be photographed.

This is just over the Illinois border into Wisconsin.

Notice the other farms and tree way back in the horizon.

In previous years one would be looking at the rich brown

of a freshly plowed field, not last year's cornstalks.

Not anymore. Farmers today are eco-friendly.

This is a no-till (or zero-till) field.

Rather than turning over the soil,

the next crop (probably soybeans)

will be planted between the corn rows.

A Green Thing.

Less soil erosion.

From Red Barn

From Red Barn

From Red Barn

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