Thursday, July 30

The Tracey Fragments.

This really is The Tracey Fragments. Pieces of movie all at once.

The whole film consists of multiple windows popping open carrying the scenes and story. Sometimes it's very inventive and eye catching. More times it's annoying and hard to follow. Fortunately the movie is only 77 minutes long.

I like Ellen Page, seeing her in Hard Candy and Juno. She's that cool 15 year old that I wished I had hung around with when I was that age (though my parents would have killed me). Kind of a young Zoey Deschannel but a better actress.

Rotten gives the movie a terrible 38%. I didn't think it was that bad.

I'm glad I watched it, at least for Ellen's performance, the special effects that worked, the strange and almost funny plot, and for the indy soundtrack.

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Ellen Page (Tracy Berkowitz)

Maxwell McCabe Lokos (Lance)

Ari Cohen (Misses Berkowitz)

Eric McMurty (Mister Berkowitz)

Slim Twig (Billy Zero)

Zie Souwand (Sunny Berkowitz)

Directed By Bruce Mcdonald. Written By Maureen Medved. Screenplay by Maureen Medved, based upon her novel "The Tracy Fragments."

Plot: Tracy Berkowitz (Ellen Page) is a social outcast whose life takes a rather strange and unexpected turn when she hypnotizes her little brother Sunny (Zie Souwand) and he disappears. The disappearance of Sunny further strains her relationship with her parents, Mister and Misses Berkowitz (Ari Cohen and Eric McMurty.) Tracy, wracked with guilty, and dying to relieve some of the heat coming down on her courtesy of her parents, sets out to find Sunny.
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