Thursday, August 7

Criss Angel, Mind Freak: Nail Gun.

This was on last night on A&E (8-6-08).

I missed Weeds and Man vs Wild to watch it.

I like watching Criss when I get a chance. Rock and roll magic with a punk attitude.

This was the 4th episode of the season. (I missed the first 3). Oh well.

In this episode, Criss attempts to catch a nail traveling at 1400 feet per second.

Anthony Michael Hall (Dead Zone, Breakfast Club, Weird Science) guests. He shoots a nail gun towards Criss.
In front of Criss is a pane of glass.

The nail is sup posted to go through the glass with Criss catching it.

The glass shatters cutting Criss on the face and the nail impales itself through his hand. (He makes a point of showing between screams and gushing blood.)

The episode ended with Criss being taken by ambulance to a hospital.

No trick photography here. Ha.

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