Tuesday, August 12


I was playing around in the yard taking pictures.

I had a broken pitchfork / gardening fork end with no handle.

I made one with shadows. (Look closely, the handle is only a shadow.)

Then I went black and white, accentuating the fork with color.

Turn up the contrast for effect.

Last, added color to my silhouette (which is a shadow), making me green.

My favorite is the penultimate one.

Natural color shot standing on my picnic table (my neighbors don't laugh..., I think):

Added a layer in Elements, brought back color in pitchfork, (sans handle of course).

My favorite: I turned up the saturation in Picasa2.

Just playing further, since my shadow is only a shadow on green grass, I added color to me:

What skinny legs. Ha. (It's the angle.)


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