Monday, August 4

Shooting the Moon.

Beautiful day.

Everything is maturing in the garden.

Too many green beans and I'm out of freezer bags.

Supper: burger and green beans.

My neighbor gave me a cutting of a Moon Flower this spring.

I put it in next to my dahlias.

This is the Moon Flower from 2 days ago.

This was Sunday morning about 11:00 (I'm not an early riser):

Later Sunday afternoon, just before dusk (hence the name Moon Flower):

I took this for perspective - the dahlias are about 2 to 4 feet high.

(Notice the Japanese Beetle damage on the morning glory leaves in the background - they look like green swiss cheese):

I was looking for Van Morrison's Moon Dance.

Couldn't find his but I like this version and she has nice legs:

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