Thursday, November 2

Leftover from spring.

My bench. Posted by Picasa

I was a little worried using "hello" to transfer the picture. I think that's what caused my last problem.

Anyway, this was taken this spring as I was getting used to the "new' camera. Not great but more color than if I took the same picture tonight. I was learning.

My neighbor made me a couple of benches for helping him on the computer. One is in the house elevating a cat bowl so Cubbie won't eat from it and the other is here.

I keep newly potted plants here until I can figure out how much shade they're going to need. In Illinois, it seems to vary month to month.

I guessed wrong with the yellow one. The sun overburned it by mid-summer (and it was supposed to be full sun).

It ended up making a nice ash tray / bottle cap holder in the back yard during horseshoes.


mellowlee said...

wow, the colour is really lovely isn't it? Geraniums are one of my favorites. I love those bright red ones, or the red ivy geraniums, and I put them in clay pots with loads of purple lobilia (lobelia?) So beautiful!!!
Too bad about the yellow flowers, they look so cute there. Like daisies. I love that you posted this pic now. Especially since it's a horribly grey rainy day out. I feel like someone just gave me flowers :D

olivia said...

It's nice to see the colour at this time of year. It gets so brown and grey and dreary. :)

busterp said...

Hey Mel and Olivia.

Even here, down "south", it's going to be awhile before we see some color.

Stay warm.