Monday, November 20


Sweet (stereo) sounds for a Monday. Couldn't decide which one I liked better. One is sentimental, melancholy sounding and the other is definitely not. Depends on your mood I guess.


... from Wales

.. began ... as a teenage cover band known as 'Tragic Love Company', a name inspired by their favourite bands Tragically Hip, Mother Love Bone and Bad Company.

They later changed their name to "Stereophonics", named after ... grandmother's gramophone.


Deb said...

Wow, I really liked Maybe Tomorrow. But those are three of my favorite bands - Hip, MLB & Bad Company. Strange combination those three. I'm enjoying your blog very much - we have similar taste in music.

busterp said...

I remember my son making fun of that song because about the only lyric was "maybe tomorrow".

Now he loves it. It grows on you. Lots of emotion in it.

Thanks for stopping.