Friday, November 3

Number 9. Number 9.

WXRT radio - limited CD. Posted by Picasa

I just got it yesterday. Awesome mix of songs. Live versions. Not the ordinary run of the mill.

K.T., BRMC, My Morning Jacket, Buddy Guy, Gomez. They're all good. (they are all listed here)

I also have number's 1, 3, 7, and 8.

1 is selling for 75.00 to 100.00 bucks on ebay when you can find it (has a great XTC medley on it) and the song the Replacements were playing they self destructed.

3's Neville Brothers is worth it alone. 10 minutes of fantastic melody. Also on it, Poi Dog Pondering's Complicated.

7 - Stereophonics and 8 - Bowie doing a country(like beginning) version of Scary Monsters. Sounds weird but it works.

I don't know why I didn't get them all. I have some holes to fill.


Mike Todd said...

You ever hear that song "Spending the Day in the Shirt That You Wore" by Poi Dog Pondering? That's a good one to crank on a sunny day when nobody else is around. 'Cause if somebody catches you listening to that, you're gonna look like a giant toolbox.

busterp said...

I thought you were kidding. I have 2 cd's of theirs and saw them live. Never heard of it.

I looked it up. It is a real song. Thanks Mike. I learned something today - though what that may be is still up in the air. Anyway, thanks...

By the way, the title sounds more country and western.

mellowlee said...

Wow I want them all! I looked at the playlist and saw Ben Harper immediately LOVE him!

busterp said...

He play some "dirty" sounding guitar on this one.

Gives the CD some attitude.

Want to sample it? Let me know.

mellowlee said...

Oh for sure! Can you upload it to bolt or something? That would be excellent :D