Wednesday, November 15

That's entertainment.

I've run out of pictures to post, unlike someone else I know.
So until I get some new ones, I'm posting music from

I heard this at lunch while out doing errands; now It's stuck in my head.

The lyrics are, at the very least; edgy, somewhat ironic, dark and disconcerting.

Lyrics (so you can sing along) are below the video.

This is the accoustic version:

From WIKI:

Paul Weller allegedly wrote "That's Entertainment", a bitter slice-of-life piece reflecting on the struggle of the English working class, in around 15 minutes upon returning, under the influence, from the pub. Despite being only available as an import single, it peaked at #21 on the UK charts, an unprecedented feat. Although it lacks the "distinctive" Jam electric sound propelled by Rick Buckler's energetic drumming, it is now arguably The Jam's most noted song. Despite the group's lack of commercial success in America, the song even made American magazine Rolling Stone's list of the 500 greatest songs of all time.

A police car and a screaming siren -
A pnuematic drill and ripped up concrete -
A baby waiting and stray dog howling -
The screech of brakes and lamplights blinking -
that's entertainment.

A smash of glass and the rumble of boots -
An electric train and a ripped up 'phone booth -
Paint splattered walls and the cry of a tomcat -
Lights going out and a kick in the balls -
that's entertainment.

Days of speed and slow time Mondays -
Pissing down with rain on a boring Wednesday -
Watching the news and not eating your tea -
A freezing cold flat and damp on the walls -
that's entertainment.

Waking up at 6 a.m. on a cool warm morning -
Opening the windows and breathing in petrol -
An amateur band rehearsing in a nearby yard -
Watching the tele and thinking about your holidays -
that's entertainment.

Waking up from bad dreams and smoking cigarettes -
Cuddling a warm girl and smelling stale perfume -
A hot summers' day and sticky black tarmac -
Feeding ducks in the park and wishing you were faraway -
that's entertainment.

Two lovers kissing amongst the scream of midnight -
Two lovers missing the tranquility of solitude -
Getting a cab and travelling on buses -
Reading the grafitti about slashed seat affairs -
that's entertainment.


lost said...

interesting song

olivia said...

You have very interesting taste in music ... :)

busterp said...

Thanks O.

I think you're right. Thanks for stopping. Vote tomorrow.