Wednesday, November 29

Waiting bad. Waiting good.

Waiting on the snow.

We are expecting some this weekend. The Indian Summer must be over. Hopefully we won't get as much as in the picture. That was from last year - our old horseshoe watching bench. Covered.

Waiting on a friend, Stones:

Charlie's so good at the end.


mellowlee said...

Oy! That was last year? I hope it's not as much this year!

busterp said...

Hey Mel.

Last year and fluffy snow. It was gone in two days.

Toccata said...

You take really cool pictures Busterp. Every picture I've seen has some element that makes the viewer wanting to take a closer look.

Deb said...

I see I've got some "catching up" to do. Haven't been here in a day or two...been ssso busy. With the snow here and having to walk everywhere, by the time I get home from work I'm totally pooped!

The Stones just played here...I didn't go - tickets were WAY out of my price league. I heard rumours of $400 floor seats - ridiculous. I don't care if Keith and Mick come down off the stage mid show and give me a foot rub, I'm not paying that kind of money to see anyone. Period.

I agree - your pictures are captivating.