Sunday, November 26

We used to be friends.

My new favorite show. Veronica Mars. Opening music by the Dandy Warhols. (note the reference to the monkey house at the beginning). Love those guys.

VM was on a anntena station that wasn't picked up by my cable company. This is the first season for me. It's just dripping with pop culture references and I feel its better than my old favorite, the Gilmore Girls. Plus, she's blonde and the smartest one on the show. No stereotypes. It gets great reviews (amongst reviewers). Oh well, I watch what I like.

On the musical side, I like Dandy Warhol's influences and their sound.(thanks wiki):

The Portland, Oregon Warhols are strongly influenced by The Velvet Underground and The Rolling Stones [citation needed] as well as including implicit musical references to Jethro Tull and My Bloody Valentine in some songs. Frontman Courtney Taylor-Taylor describes the band beginning as a group of friends who "needed music to drink to." The band performed live shows in bars throughout Portland and released their first album, Dandy's Rule OK? in 1995.


mellowlee said...

I love that song. I've heard great things about Veronica Mars from Holly on my blogroll :) I will have to check it out someday. I hate coming in mid season though!

Toccata said...

I just did the google earth for Hebron, Illinois. I've only been to Chicago and only on a road trip for a concert back in my carefree university days. I love the idea of connecting with people via cyberspace all around the globe.

busterp said...

Did we even show up? Hebron used to be a little village.

Toccata said...

It most certainly did show up. Google Earth took me right there.